because they exhibit very professional attitude, the passion and creative excitement of being young entrepreneurs who are out to prove themselves, and their website spoke of their love of God and good family values. Wyndon as the contractor is very dependable, knows how to handle finances well, can space his project status proportionately with progress payments, and dealt fairly with his crew and laborers. Michelle is the spirit and soul of this partnership. She took care of aesthetics and quality control, and took care of even the little things that matter in the big picture. Being a professional interior decorator, her sense of style and colors are exceptional, and yet, she has a subtle way of suggesting beautiful design combinations while listening intently to the personality of her client. The result of our collaboration with Wyndon and Michelle is a beautiful, comfortable and durable home, which Dave and I want to live in for the rest of our lives. This is our last home.

                                                              Dave and Norma Davis
                                          Ponderosa Leisure Farms, Philippines